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Charityworks: The graduate programme for the non-profit sector in the UK

11 Dec 2013 - 14:00 by michelle.foster

Charityworks is dedicated to finding and developing the future leaders of the non-profit sector in the UK. Run successfully as a charity since 2009, and governed by a partnership of charities, Charityworks is delivered through a growing network of more than 50 organisations.

In 2014 and beyond, Charityworks aims to help an ever wider number of charities, large and small, from across the UK, meet their recruitment and talent-management needs.

How it Works – for Organisations
In an economic environment where resources are tight, Charityworks supports non-profit organisations to make talent recruitment and development a priority without spending the money usually associated with that kind of commitment.

Charityworks provides a solution for organisations struggling to attract the right level of talent through traditional recruitment, as well as those wishing to diversify a workforce. In addition, we provide the opportunity for organisations and the people in them to gain more exposure to the sector as a whole via our partnership network.

Charityworks graduates bring to their organisation not only energy, motivation and considerable intellectual capacities, but also contribute three pieces of original research work during the course of the year.

How it Works – for Individuals
Graduate Trainees spend a year on the scheme, during which time they undertake one or more paid placements in partner charities, take part in the Charityworks professional development programme, regularly meet a mentor, and write a series of assignments.

Benefits for graduate trainees include:
• A professional development programme, accredited by the ILM
• The skills to work at first level management across the non-profit sector
• A 360° perspective on the non-profit environment
• The opportunity to learn with other trainees working across the public and private sectors
• An excellent support structure through mentoring and supervision
• Peer to peer networking

In addition, graduate trainees receive:
• A full-time salary
• An opportunity to work in at least one leading non-profit organisation

What it costs
Organisations pay Charityworks £20,500 plus VAT for one full time graduate trainee for one year.

The calculation is that this represents a return on investment of 2 to 1, as recruitment cost, employment responsibility and development are all covered in the fee.

Next steps
The next round of graduates will be recruited from February 2014 to start their placements in voluntary sector organisations across the UK from autumn 2014.

For further information, visit: www.charity-works.co.uk, or email: info@charity-works.co.uk

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