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Health Education England – Suicide bereavement training

5 Jul 2022 - 14:43 by michelle.foster

Following the huge success of a previous bereaved by suicide course Health Education England are delighted to be able to provide more funded places for 2022-2023.

trainingCourse introduction:
Coming from a person-centred perspective, this training takes participants on a journey through what it may be like to be bereaved by suicide. In an attempt to mirror the empathy needed to support those bereaved by suicide, the training has been developed in collaboration with those bereaved in this way, with the aim of encouraging participants to imagine how this experience may be. It is structured around this journey: Module 1 sets the scene and considers what special factors we might need to be aware of, especially immediately after the death; Module 2 delves deeper into the social aspects and stigma of this traumatic form of bereavement and begins to consider support approaches; Module 3 continues the exploration of support skills and considers creative approaches to making meaning and empowering clients to rebuild their lives after suicide.

The training assumes some knowledge or experience of grief or supporting bereaved people and has been designed with Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, bereavement counsellors, and therapists in mind and will be actively involved in supporting people who have been bereaved. The training is designed to meet the Support After Suicide Partnership Core Standards. This course has been quality checked by The National Counselling Society.

Course outline:
The Course consists of 3, 3 hour modules. Each module will be delivered monthly (over 3 months). Your course will either commence September 2022 or January 2023:

Module 1 – Bereavement by suicide: Why is it different?
Aim: To understand the context and significance of bereavement by suicide, especially the immediate impact on those affected.
Module 2 – Life has changed: Trauma, stigma and treatment approaches
Aim: To understand the features and causes of grief resulting from bereavement by suicide.
Module 3 – ‘From Grief to Hope’: Support skills, creative approaches and Continuing Bonds
Aim: To explore the support skills necessary for people bereaved by suicide to live with their loss.

Applicants must have:

  • A Clinical Supervisor
  • Minimum level 2 in counselling qualification

Apply for the Health Education England – Suicide bereavement training

Application deadline: 19 July 2022

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