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Media Trust’s Digital Spring School

20 Mar 2021 - 10:36 by cheryl.mcalister

media trustIf ever there was a case for why charities are #NeverMoreNeeded, it is now. Covid-19 not only changed life as we know it, it also brought home the importance of charities and the crucial role they play in society. Charities not only stepped up to the immense challenges put before them but rose above them through delivering vital information to beneficiaries, moving services online, innovating events and fundraising in a virtual world.

Now more than ever, it is vital that charities embrace digital, and the myriad opportunities that it presents. As well as to future-proof operations. At this critical time, it’s so important that charities tell their story well, grow and engage their audiences online and mobilise them to take action and support their cause.

Media Trust’s Digital Spring School is a free, three-week online programme where you’ll learn how to inspire, engage and mobilise your audience.

Media Trust are partnering with digital and charity experts to provide specialist training and mentoring – helping you to supercharge your comms.

Programme outline
Live virtual training

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning of each week of the programme, there will be a 90-minute workshop. This will be delivered by a digital expert on the digital communications theme of the week, with the opportunity to ask questions after.

Digital mentoring

Every Thursday afternoon of each week of the programme, you will be invited to meet in small groups for a group mentoring session, between 60-90 minutes, led by a digital mentor. These sessions will allow you to explore the week’s topic in more detail, process your learning, share your challenges and get advice relating to your specific charity or cause. This is also a unique opportunity to network and share ideas with other charity professionals working within the same area.

Learning resources

All participants will have access to free guides, pre-recorded webinars, toolkits and other resources to build your learning throughout, and beyond, Digital Spring School. Please note that for some of the training sessions you will be set a homework task. This is to be completed in your own time and will help you process and apply your learning in the context of your own organisation.

Wellbeing activities

Each week, you will gain exclusive access to live virtual wellbeing activities, such as desk-based yoga and breathwork classes to help you feel refreshed and energised.

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