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Pilotlight – Brain Trust programme

15 Aug 2022 - 09:43 by michelle.foster

The Brain Trust programme from Pilotlight is inviting applications from charity leaders to unlock fresh thinking on a strategic challenge, with the help of five to 12 senior business leaders from pilotlightBarclays, in just 90-minutes.

90-minutes may not be quite enough time to change the world, but in this distillation of their strategic development programmes, it can help a charity leader gain a new perspective on a specific issue they are facing.

Run virtually or in-person, the session sees a charity leader introduce their organisation and outline the issue they are bringing to the Pilotlighter team. The issue could be anything from rebranding or redefining a service, exploring a chance to diversify income to analysing the risks and rewards of a specific opportunity.

The team of five to 12 Pilotlighters from Barclays then come up with a range of ideas and solutions individually in response, before pitching their top ideas to the team. The Pilotlighters then vote on the best solution, and in the final 20 minutes, look at implementation of the chosen solution together.

After the session, a summary of the key themes and ideas are shared with the charity leader.

Apply to the Pilotlight – Brain Trust programme

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