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Spirit of Manchester Story - Vital for us all to work together in support of carers

24 Sep 2018 - 16:01 by helen.walker

Today saw the relaunch of Himmat, a support centre for Asian Parent Carers. It was recognised that culturally-specific services were needed and Himmat began providing these in 1995.

They are part of the Manchester Carers Network, which is made up of 21 organisations and is a project managed by the Gaddum Centre. Today’s event was all about bringing network partners together to share good practice and to learn about other organisations. It’s the first event like this but it’s hoped that today’s success will mean the event can be repeated with other organisations in the future to build wider connections. This is about opening up networks and empowering carers (and those cared for) to learn about the support that’s available.

Staff, eight volunteers and over 30 people were at the event, which was particularly aimed at promoting Himmat and working with Talbot House to promote the support available to the majority of Himmat’s carers who are Asian. The wider benefits from today are massive - bringing the community together, demonstrating good practice, learning from each other and learning to be resourceful, sharing within the network, working in partnership and giving people a voice.

The benefits for those who use Himmat include shared experiences, feeling less isolated, new friends, support, learning, problem solving, and finding out what works for others. Regular activities include walks, sewing sessions and coffee mornings.

One participant today, Neesa, said "It is vital for us all to work together in support of carers and supporting services around Manchester"

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