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Spirit of Manchester Story Week - Money is the source of problems in a lot of relationships

26 May 2022 - 09:13 by helen.walker

Across Ummah CIC - Money is the source of problems in a lot of relationships

“Money is the source of problems in a lot of relationships. Across Ummah works to help prevent crisis in families and tackle substance misuse. We teach coping strategies and hold events with a range of speakers that share their experiences and inspire others.” Khadijat, Founder and Director, Across Ummah CIC

Jumoke* attended an Across Ummah event a couple of weeks ago; “I met Khadijat and I talked to her about my income. Prices are increasing and it is difficult to afford everything. I need to earn more money. She suggested that it is important to be resourceful and that training is available to improve my skills.

She asked ‘What things are you good at doing?’ I can sew clothes and make food. Khadijat advised me to make samples to let people taste the food and see the clothes. I could publicise these on social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp to build up an additional income to my cleaning job. I was really thankful.”

Suhayl, one of the speakers at the same event talked about his gambling habit and how he found help. His family broke up as a result of the addiction and he couldn’t find a way out. That was until he contacted a charity in Liverpool but it still took him several weeks to decide to stop. He realised he couldn’t continue his life like this but he managed to turn his life around. He is now happily married. He wanted to talk to others to share his experience so they understand what living with an addiction can be like. “The feedback we got to his talk was amazing” said Khadijat.

Across Ummah means across all nations and they help people from any background. They also run coaching, empowerment, counselling, therapy, mental health and general wellbeing sessions. These projects facilitate volunteering, access to work, financial budgeting, increasing skills in facing life challenges and giving advice on how to stretch money e.g. stock up or save up to help during the cost of living crisis.

*not her real name


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