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Spirit of Manchester Awards

spirit of manchester awards 2021

It’s that time again! This year’s Spirit of Manchester Awards are now open for nominations. Last year was our first virtual Spirit of Manchester Awards, streamed on YouTube, hosted by our CEO Mike Wild, we showed short films thanking Manchester organisations and individuals for their amazing response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year was a bit different from previous years and instead of being competitive we said a huge thank you to Manchester’s voluntary and community sector.

For Spirit of Manchester 2021 we will have two elements to the event with us continuing with the theme of thanks but also re-introducing some of the competitive award categories we have traditionally seen over the years.

Please note we can only accept submissions and nominations for the city of Manchester. Organisations or individuals must either be based, live or have delivered the majority of their support within the city of Manchester.

Who do you want to thank?
Building on last year’s success we are offering the opportunity once again for you to thank organisations and individuals who you feel have demonstrated great work over the last 12 months. This is a non-competitive element with all submissions of thanks being mentioned on the night of the awards and also included on our website and in our Spirit of Manchester Awards brochure.

Thank you

These will be listed under three categories:

  • PeopleofMcr
  • Tackling inequalities
  • Food and supplies



Open to individuals, groups and teams in the City of Manchester who have given their time, energy and skills (or combination of) to respond to the COVID-19 crisis or in general to support the community over the last year. We want to hear about and celebrate the efforts of volunteers, good neighbours and anyone who has stepped up to help others – stories of Manchester kindness. We also want to give thanks to those that are inspiring even more people to help others in Manchester during this time.

Tackling inequalities
We are looking for submissions that show us how they addressed issues of equality and challenged discrimination during the last year. This could include inequality on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity or poverty.

Food and supplies
Please tell us about organisations or individuals who processed the distribution of food and supplies to those who have needed it. We are looking for examples that tell us what was done, what the particular community needs where/are and how they went above and beyond.

We ask that all thank you messages are accompanied with a picture which will feature on our website, brochure and during the evening.

Submissions close on 1 September 2021


Win an AwardWinner
We invite nominations for a Spirit of Manchester Award. Shortlisted nominations will have a one minute film made about their project/individual which will be shown during the awards evening followed by a live vote to determine the winner in each category.

All nominations, whether shortlisted or not, will appear as names and images on the night alongside featuring on our website and in the accompanying brochure.

We have three categories for you to nominate for an award:

  • Showing leadership
  • Creative community spirit
  • Partnership and collaboration


Showing leadership

Open to individuals who have shown inspiring leadership over the past year. We are particularly looking for leaders who don’t necessarily hold senior/management positions within organisations. Definition of a leader: A leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision. Leaders can work toward making their vision a reality while putting people first. Leaders need to be empathetic and connect with people to be successful. Do you know someone that has shown strong, inspiring leadership skills whilst continuing to support and motivate others during the last year?

Creative community spirit
Local individuals or groups who have developed a creative outlet or project to inspire hope and unity during the last year. Open to anyone who used a form of art or creativity to support others and the community around them.

Partnership and collaboration
How have you worked in partnership or collaborated to make a difference and fulfil a need in your community? How did working in partnership mean your task was successful/more effective. Partnerships can be voluntary or community sector organisation working with the public sector, private company or another community group.

Nominations close on 31 May 2021


Spirit of Manchester Awards 2020 Winners and Nominees
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How it works 
Click here for how the process works, how nominations are handled and how all of this happens

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