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Spirit of Manchester Awards

Spirit of Manchester Awards 2020

Spirit of Manchester Awards 2020 - Thursdsay 22 October

This year's Spirit of Manchester Awards has obviously been be a bit different. We wanted it to be a huge celebration and thank you to the response across the city to the COVID-19 crisis. We asked Manchester residents who they wanted to thank and we got a brilliant response. The virtual evening, hosted by our Chief Executive Mike Wild, included short videos of thanks and other media to give a snapshot of all the brilliant work. We also had guest speakers reflecting on the work of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

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Spirit of Manchester 2020

In these times of uncertainty, we feel it is incredibly important to spread positivity and celebrate true examples of our sector at its finest: volunteering, leadership, governance, creativity, support and collaboration.

We have seen an incredible amount of kindness shown across the city of Manchester with many residents, volunteers, organisations and businesses adapting their normal day-to-day routine to help others in whatever way they can. This response symbolises exactly why we run the Spirit of Manchester programme. We know that giving recognition means a lot and can really make a difference.

So this year we simply asked…

Who do you want to thank?

There was no competitive element: we wanted to celebrate everyone as it is our collective response which is the real story we want to tell.

We asked for nominations of who you feel should be acknowledged, highlighted and thanked for their outstanding work in reply to the COVID-19 crisis. Whether that was a: friend, neighbour, local community group, business up the road: our only stipulation was that they either must live in or have delivered their support within the city of Manchester.



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Trustee Board

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Inspiring Leadership

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Creative Community Spirit

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Food and Supplies

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Spirit of Manchester Awards 2019 Winners and Nominees
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