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Vaccination Volunteering Stories: Brian Griffiths

18 Mar 2021 - 15:17 by guest.blogger


I volunteered to be a marshall at the Wythenshawe vaccination centre in December when my friend's daughter, who is a local GP, told him they were looking for volunteers.

I am usually on car park duties, which is the first point of contact for most people coming for vaccination.

As there are only a limited number of accessible spaces it is essential that they are reserved for those who need them most, but there are times when we have to bring a wheelchair from the entranceway for those in need of one.



There is a wide age range amongst volunteers, from late teens up to older people like me. Most people are very appreciative of what we do, and thank us for our help.

As he was leaving one day a guy wound down his window and gave a bar of chocolate to my friend, saying that his elderly mother who he had brought would like him to have it by way of thanks.

There is a good camaraderie amongst staff and volunteers, which contributes to a very rewarding experience, and I'm not just talking about the goodies that people and local businesses bring in...... I really need to get out on the hills to burn off those excess calories!


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