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Vaccination Volunteering Stories: Poppy Soldatos

6 Mar 2021 - 15:57 by guest.blogger

Our latest story from volunteers that are helping to tackle Covid-19 comes from Poppy Soldatos - who is lending a hand with the blessing of her employer at this time:

Why did you sign up, and where did you hear about this volunteering

My job is Tesco Community Champion, I work with the community in Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall and get updates through emails. As soon as we got the call-out I put my name down. My store has supported me in doing shifts at the centers but I have done shifts also in my free time.

Where and how have you been helping, and how is it going?

I absolutely love it!! I have volunteered at the Irish Centre and Plant Hill.

Are you given everything you need to do your job, do you feel safe and supported?

We get looked after very well at both places and I feel absolutely safe in doing this.

From having coffees, sandwiches to gloves, masks and chats to make sure we are alright. Everyone has been wonderful.

How have you found your help and presence to be received by those receiving the vaccine?

I have done the volunteering right from the beginning until now.

I have never seen so many happy people the sense of relief they had and most of them happy to have a chat and a giggle.

We have also had a lot of thank yous which has been heart warming.

I'm so proud to be involved in this. To see the people in my community being vaccinated and it has given me the opportunity to work with people not only from my community but from all over Manchester.

A massive well done to the organisers of both sites they have worked so hard and still do to achieve this.

Being a volunteer marshall has been heart on my hand one of best things I have done. Helping my community to receive the covid vaccine and to be able to help us all move forward to a better future.

Working together with other volunteers, medical professionals and everyone that has worked so hard to put all this in place has been overwhelming.


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