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Vaccination Volunteering Stories: Willie Mills

26 Apr 2021 - 00:32 by guest.blogger


I have been volunteering as a marshal at the Wythenshawe, Fallowfield, Beswick, Cheetham Hill and Newton Heath sites.

My wife, Sheila and I have been volunteering since early January, after she read about the opportunity in the Volunteer Centre email.

All of the centres are very well organised and volunteers are well supported. We are given lots of flexibility over which shifts and sites we want to work, and feel our small contribution is appreciated.

As a volunteer it is immensely rewarding to see people, many of whom have barely left their houses since last March, come to get their vaccinations. I have mainly worked at the main entrance, as part of the Meet and Greet team, or on car park duties so I get the chance to meet people as they come in and offer reassurance and assistance where required. Sheila prefers working with the indoor teams, though as the weather improves I anticipate some competition from her for a place in the sun.

I am proud to be a member of a great team of people responding to the challenge facing our community, the nation and the world.


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