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Micro-volunteering Opportunity: Help Macc reach 100 subscribers on YouTube so we can 'go live'.

10 Oct 2017 - 15:26 by jack.puller

"100 Subscribes is all it takes!..."

Jack!? What an earth is Micro-volunteering?

My colleague (Barkery) put it nicely in a blog post towards the back end of 2016.


Micro-volunteering is 'bite-sized, on-demand, no/low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause'. Activities may include signing petitions, clicking voting buttons to help raise funds or installing and using apps to help further research.

Gotcha! How can I help?

"Have a go at some micro-volunteering now!..."

In order to unlock the live streaming functionality of our YouTube Channel, we (Macc) need to acquire at least 100 Subscribers; allowing us to live stream a number of our engagements in the weeks and months ahead:

Mental Health Grants Programme

Voluntary Sector Assembly

Spirit of Manchester Awards

If you've got the same amount of time it takes to click a button (and quickly login to a website), all you need to do is:

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/maccmanchester

Click the 'red' subscribe button:


(you may be asked to login)


Seeing as you’re already visiting our YouTube channel, do be sure to catch up with all the action from our latest Spirit of Manchester Awards evening; including videos and stories of over 30 charities and good causes who were nominated to receive an award and a special message from Early Doors star, John Henshaw.

If you enjoyed your foray into micro-volunteering, you can read more about it, along with a whole raft of ways you can get involved at:





You can also contact the volunteer centre on 0161 830 4770 or [email protected].

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