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Under One Roof

13 Aug 2020 - 14:16 by michelle.foster

under one roofAre you the carer or parent of an LGBT+ young person?

The Proud Trust are starting a new project called Under One Roof, which aims to support parents and carers of LGBT+ young people through a weekly online meeting.

It will be an opportunity to share experiences, information and answer questions to enable them to better support the young people in their care. The project will also be supported by Manchester Parents group where experienced parents will be attending sessions.

The Proud Trust are looking for LGBT+ young people aged up to 18, to help them identify what the key issues are for themselves and other young people through an online survey.

The Proud Trust are also looking for parents and carers of LGBT+ young people, to share their experiences with them. These discussions will inform and shape the content of the sessions.

If you feel you could help with any of the above and/or are interested in taking part in the project, email Graeme at: [email protected]

Under One Roof will start mid-September and repeat in the New Year.

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