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jack.puller, Active Communities Manager

My role is to lead Macc’s work that supports and encourages local people to be active citizens through volunteering and other forms of participation; and to support asset and strength-based approaches to work with individuals and communities to bring about positive change. I manage Active Communities projects including Volunteer Centre Manchester, Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, Manchester Community Reporters, Skill Givers and Hour Manchester. “I want to help people do more good or useful stuff in the City of Manchester – and beyond!”

Micro-volunteering Opportunity: Help Macc reach 100 subscribers on YouTube so we can 'go live'.

10 Oct 2017 - 15:26 by jack.puller

"100 Subscribes is all it takes!..."

Jack!? What an earth is Micro-volunteering?

My colleague (Barkery) put it nicely in a blog post towards the back end of 2016.


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