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29 May 2020 - 11:40 by barkery.jammeh

Hi all,

Here is our second Volunteer story for today with Katrina from Breakthrough UK. 

Volunteer name: Katrina

Volunteer age: 31

Where are they from: Manchester

What's their volunteer role and what do they do in that role:

Katrina supports organisations to be more accessible as part of TfGM Disability Design Reference Group and Manchester International Festival’s Disabled Person’s Engagement Group. Katrina is a superstar volunteer and is a pleasure to be around. Katrina is...

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27 May 2020 - 11:18 by barkery.jammeh

Hi it's Volunteers Week again, doesn't time fly?!

Volunteers Week 2020 (June 1 - 7) is so different this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. First of all, all of us here at Macc would like to send our best wishes to all of you out there and we hope that you stay well and continue to look after yourself and those close to you in these anxious and uncertain times.

Every year Volunteer Centre Manchester (VCM) enjoy celebrating Volunteers Week with a number of different activities to help highlight some of the fantastic work that volunteers do in and around Manchester. This year...

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18 May 2020 - 14:53 by stuart.vaughan

We have heard a lot from the government regarding their offers of support to the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. Some of the rhetoric has promised much but delivered little that is tangible so far – the much trumpeted £750m package being a case in point. Where relief is available, rules can change and it can be difficult for VCSE organisations to determine whether or not they are eligible.

I’d like to draw people’s attention to an excellent bulletin from Locality, which attempts to summarise some of...

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4 May 2020 - 14:02 by danielle.conway

The film starts with a radio alarm clock, Sonny and Cher singing ‘I Got You Babe,’ and what becomes the infuriatingly famous line, “Okay campers, rise and shine!”  A perfectly cast Bill Murray plays a cynical weatherman who inexplicably has to relive the same day over and over again. Have you got it? I’ll give you a minute or two…

I wasn’t entirely sure whether to laugh or cry when I realised that I wrote my first Macc blog almost a year ago to the day and it was titled, ‘Welcome to your new world.’ I wrote about confusion, mess and the ridiculous pace of change in the health and...

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27 Apr 2020 - 14:42 by stuart.vaughan

Why all organisations should pay attention to their cashflow in times of uncertainty

There are many things to consider when running a business, a social enterprise, charity or voluntary organisation. Some are complex, some far reaching, but one thing is essential for all if they are to survive – cash. If you don’t have enough money in the bank at the end of the month to pay your debts, then your organisation can run into serious trouble. This applies at all times, but during the current pandemic it’s particularly important to...

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8 Apr 2020 - 11:47 by Mike Wild

We are in a time where everyone is expecting to hear bad news at some point. We’re also in a time where more than ever we need to support each other, to work together and unleash all the skill, creativity, kindness and compassion we can muster. So hearing the news of the sudden passing of Councillor Sue Murphy is a shock and a sad and cruel loss for those she loved and for all of us who were working with her to respond to these strange and anxious times.

Sue has been Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council for a long time and has had the lead on the voluntary sector for many years...

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30 Mar 2020 - 09:25 by Mike Wild

Was that only a week?

The first thing to I need to say here is a huge thank you to my amazing colleagues at Macc for their work over recent days. They have been incredible. Last Friday as I was leaving the office, I walked around making a little video and talking about everything which had been achieved that week. I couldn’t get through it without my voice breaking. But I wanted to capture that moment when everyone had gone home to be safe but to carry on. I thought at the time that I couldn’t remember having felt prouder of Macc and everyone in it. In the space of a few days they...

20 Mar 2020 - 17:52 by Mike Wild

I'm going to try to spend a little time every week writing a weekly blog sharing what I've seen, learned, what we've done and what we still need to do. 

There are moments when it doesn’t feel real. And then there are moments where it feels all too real. And it hits you again, the sheer scale of what is happening. When I first started getting involved in conversations about covid19 only a matter of days ago, I couldn’t visualise where it would take us. I probably still can’t. Every day there is something new, something else to take into account but never, never in doubt that...

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3 Jan 2020 - 12:40 by Mike Wild

One of the things I’ve said many times over the years is the need to think about volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as a way of coping with a rapidly changing world. I’m not going to tell you to stop doing that! With a new Government with such a large majority we now know that after years, things will start moving fast…or at least it will look and feel as if they are. That big majority means acceleration. We’re just still waiting to see what direction it will take. Who knows what version of ‘One Nation Conservatism’ we will actually see? Will there be any steps taken to heal...

4 Dec 2019 - 16:05 by karen.dyson

There’s a general principal in Macc that we’ll write blogs. There are several good reasons behind this; they’re a good way of setting out our position as an organisation and sharing our values and culture; they can help us engage with the sector and start conversations; they’re more relaxed and personal than formal briefing papers or articles; and they give us a bit more pondering space than the 280 characters on Twitter.

So you’d think it would be easy. Right?


First off, there’s the problem that, as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice said...

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