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14 Apr 2022 - 13:33 by millie.brown

Ethical fundraising and due diligence on donors

Millie Brown, Macc – April 2022

A guide for charities when considering whether to accept a donation.

For a full list of ethically dubious activities to look out for, as well as a checklist for conducting due diligence and where to find the information you’ll need to inform this difficult decision, see this factsheet...

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28 Jun 2021 - 14:53 by Nigel Rose

On July 14th Macc is holding a voluntary sector assembly about social prescribing, where we will be helping the VCSE sector to write a manifesto about what we collectively want from social prescribing. This article is my personal take on some of the issues.

I was heavily involved in the planning stages of social prescribing in Manchester 4? Years ago, and have kept touch with it ever since, however, I’m not going to discuss here how the Manchester social prescribing service in works. This is a companion piece to an...

26 Apr 2021 - 00:34 by guest.blogger


I was sitting at home in January after losing my job several months prior and being very bored watching too much Netflix. After a chat with my father-in-law I thought I would try and volunteer to be a driver helping those less able to go to their vaccination appointments. I couldn’t find anywhere how to do this but instead came...

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26 Apr 2021 - 00:32 by guest.blogger


I have been volunteering as a marshal at the Wythenshawe, Fallowfield, Beswick, Cheetham Hill and Newton Heath sites.

My wife, Sheila and I have been volunteering since early...

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19 Apr 2021 - 14:42 by stuart.vaughan

On 8 March the country began its journey out of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions towards a ‘new normal’ where society is back to something approaching the life we remember from 2019. Tentatively, restrictions are being lifted, and 8 March saw the first of these, with the resumption of education – with some continuing limitations such as use of face-masks, social distancing etc.

12 April saw us move into Step 2 and there was much joy across the land as non-essential retail shops opened, as did beer gardens! Although this joy was also tempered by anxiety in some quarters as to the...

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18 Mar 2021 - 15:17 by guest.blogger


I volunteered to be a marshall at the Wythenshawe vaccination centre in December when my friend's daughter, who is a local GP, told him they were looking for volunteers.

I am usually on...

8 Mar 2021 - 20:44 by guest.blogger

Where did you hear about this volunteering?

I heard about volunteering from a friend who was already volunteering at the Wythenshawe vaccination site before Christmas.


6 Mar 2021 - 15:57 by guest.blogger

Our latest story from volunteers that are helping to tackle Covid-19 comes from Poppy Soldatos - who is lending a hand with the blessing of her employer at this time:

Why did you sign up, and where did...

28 Feb 2021 - 11:48 by jack.puller


This week's story comes in the form of a poem (MANCHESTER VACCINATION VOLUNTEER MARSHALS).


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22 Feb 2021 - 20:52 by guest.blogger


As the total number of people vaccinated against Covid-19 in the UK ticks past 17 million, and a roadmap out of lockdown emerges, our latest vaccination volunteering story comes from Sharon Jones:


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