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Could our new government deliver a fairer economy?

31 July, 2024 - 14:00 to 15:00

A post-election briefing for leaders of voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations in Greater Manchester.

Following the election of a Labour government on 4th July after 14 years of Conservative leadership, this session will help VCFSE organisations understand the impact of a change in government and what this means for a more inclusive economy.

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Building People Power

19 September, 2024 - 10:00 to 16:30

A one-day Social Care Future gathering to help build national and local people power For people who draw on social care and allies.

It’s time to shift the power. Come and join others who intend to influence social care, both locally and nationally. The sessions are for people who draw on social care, families and allies standing with them who want to build their knowledge, skills and strategies for powerful influencing.

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Announcement: Macc has successfully secured Manchester City Council’s contract to provide infrastructure support to the city's voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector

1 Jul 2024 - 15:32 by michelle.foster

Macc is delighted to announce that, following an open tender process, we have once again been successful in securing the contract with Manchester City Council to deliver infrastructure support to the city's voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. This work enables us to support charities, community groups (including the community work done by faith organisations), voluntary groups, and social enterprises to be healthy, sustainable, well-run and above all, impactful for our communities.

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General Election: Voter ID Certification support available

20 Jun 2024 - 13:50 by michelle.foster

You will need a registered form of identification to be able to vote at a polling station during the upcoming elections. In cases where you don't have an acceptable form of ID, you can apply for a voter ID certificate online. If you need help with this process, libraries are running local voter ID sessions throughout Manchester. Staff will be on hand with mobile phones to help you apply online and to help take a photo for your ID.

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Join the Making Manchester Fairer Network

20 Jun 2024 - 13:16 by michelle.foster

Manchester City Council want to hear from passionate people from all over Manchester whose experiences and ideas will shape how to provide opportunities for and improve the health of Manchester residents.

Manchester City Council want to create a community forum made up of people who reflect the diversity of Manchester’s population, and want to find new faces and new voices to join conversations, share opinions and influence decisions that affect you, your family, your friends and your community.

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Lloyds Bank Foundation's guide: What to expect when you're expecting a general election

12 Jun 2024 - 14:57 by michelle.foster

Your guide to what’s going on, why you should pay attention and what it means for you and the people who use your services.

This guide for small and local charities explains why a general election important for small and local charities; Build relationships with MPs; Support the people who use your services to vote.

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Good Food Greater Manchester Re-Launch

8 May 2024 - 16:20 by michelle.foster

What was "Good Food Greater Manchester” will be re-launching as the “Good Food Action Network” for Greater Manchester.

The new action network is launching as an off-shoot / sub-group of the GM Food Security Action Network, to be able to really closely link food security and food sustainability work, with a broader mission of: Healthier and more sustainable food for everyone across Greater Manchester (including people on limited incomes), available where they live.

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Pay and conditions in the GM VCSE sector survey

25 Apr 2024 - 13:17 by michelle.foster

Research on the GM VCSE Workforce showed that salary is one of the most prominent barriers to recruitment in the sector. Salaries are not representative of the skills and knowledge needed for the role, and record levels of inflation and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is continuing to put financial pressure on VCSE organisations – it’s no surprise that salary expectations are more crucial to jobseekers than ever.

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