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NEW REPORT Decent work: Harnessing the power of local government

17 May 2019 - 12:14 by helen.walker

A new IPPR North report looks at how local authorities can help to create a culture where people are paid a Living Wage North that can provide a decent income for all. 

The North is enduring a severe job quality crisis. Record high employment figures conceal major deficiencies in the quality of work people are doing. And while every region of the country has seen an unprecedented squeeze on wages, real weekly pay has fallen by £21 since 2008 in the North – more than the national average. Poor job quality and low pay has a profound effect on people in terms of in-work

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Money Talks

8 Apr 2019 - 20:19 by Mike Wild

Recently I had a very nice letter inviting me to write for a publication (quite high status) and a follow-up phone conversation to explore further. In the course of this, the London-based publisher emphasised that wanting to reach outside their heavily London-focused circle was a big priority for them. Who can guess the next bit of the conversation?

The Next Big Thing is a Thousand Small Things

30 Jan 2019 - 07:10 by Mike Wild

One thing - among many - which has puzzled me about the Brexit debate is the sheer number of people who have focused entirely on trade (transactions): there has been virtually nothing about international co-operation and broader relationships. This has been to such an extent that people are shocked when they hear about things like medical supplies being affected (a moment marked by the closure last week of the London HQ of the European Medicines Agency which is moving to Amsterdam).

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We have a 20% discount on hiring our meeting rooms

7 Dec 2018 - 11:50 by michelle.foster

If you make a room booking with us in December and January you can enjoy a 20% discount on meetings taking place before 31 January 2019.

We have excellent rooms available in different sizes to suit your needs at affordable rates at our central and convenient city central location. We can provide refreshments, catering and all the equipment you require for your meetings. There are discounts available for members, for information on becoming a Macc Member please visit: www.macc.org.uk/becomeamember

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Acting the CEO

27 Nov 2018 - 17:37 by Mike Wild

Our Sharing Our Wellness conversation is about what keeps you mentally well and helps get through the bad days. I’m going to share something which has been going on for me this year and what helped….

Today is 28th November and I’m in work. That never happens. This is always the first Annual Leave day I book in every year because it's my auntie’s birthday. But this year is different. She passed away over the summer at the age of 102.

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What is the Greater Manchester Older People's Network?

5 Nov 2018 - 13:47 by victoria.jones

Hello! I’m Victoria and I will be working here at Macc for the next year as part of a Graduate training Programme called Charityworks.

At Macc, I’m part of the Active Communities team and I’ll be working primarily on the facilitation of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network

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Two new reports on diversity and the charity sector

23 Jul 2018 - 15:33 by helen.walker

Walking the talk on diversity - NPC

Time and again, research into diversity amongst trustees and senior managers in the charity sector shows little progress. So why is the charity sector still struggling with this? What gets in the way of making it a priority? 24 charity leaders were interviewed for this NPC report along with trustees and a review of organisational psychology literature was undertaken to explore this question further. This research briefing presents their findings on:

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