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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - Supporting people to manage all of the uncertainty

22 Sep 2020 - 16:08 by helen.walker

Since lockdown, Being There have launched an online wellbeing group on Zoom. It is an invaluable opportunity for people in touch with all of their five branches across Greater Manchester to come together with their counselling team to discuss issues relating to wellbeing.

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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - We've made people smile

22 Sep 2020 - 15:29 by helen.walker

Since lockdown, Wonderfully made woman have been providing support to African single mothers and widows. They offer one to one support, teach English, provide information in Pidgin English and most importantly, distribute African food and groceries. This food support is offered in partnership with the Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group.

This food is essential to those African single mothers and widows, and their children, who could not eat the food being provided by other services, as it was not culturally appropriate.

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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - Exploring from home

22 Sep 2020 - 15:09 by helen.walker

20 March was our last day in the Macc office. 

A set of Community Explorer meetings had already been arranged (North, Central and South) in partnership with Manchester Health & Care Commissioning (MHCC) at community venues. Community Explorers is a partnership between MHCC and Macc, and aims to bring together anyone with an interest in health and wellbeing from across the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to influence, connect, share knowledge and build relationships.

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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - Mobilising Covid-19 Correspondents

The Fed is the leading social care charity for the Greater Manchester Jewish Community and also operates Heathlands Village – a care home for older people.

The Village prides itself on its open and community feel, with a cafe and other spaces open to communal groups and organisations. Pre-Covid-19, it would welcome a significant footfall from visitors and other partners from the local community, but under the restrictions of a national lockdown, this was impacted significantly.

Volunteer Coordinators Forum - How to Engage and Retain Volunteers During a Pandemic

During this pandemic, we have seen an outpouring of people wanting to give their time to support people in their communities. However, we have also seen a decline in volunteering in more formal roles, with many volunteers stepping down from their roles. This session will help you think about how to stay connected to your team of volunteers, with tips to involve them in your organisation as we all adapt and navigate this new normal.

Volunteer Coordinators Forum - How to Engage and Retain Volunteers During a Pandemic

23 November, 2020 - 10:30 to 12:30
Online via Zoom
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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - Holding on to hope

21 Sep 2020 - 15:11 by helen.walker

Josie runs an hour-long online coffee morning every Monday for women refugees, asylum seekers and others trying to find sanctuary. The activity is organised by Manchester City of Sanctuary which is part of City of Sanctuary UK, a network of organisations aiming to provide a welcoming place of safety to people fleeing violence and persecution.

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Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce - The Inclusion Imperative

This event will be hosted by Sasha Scott, Founder & CEO of the Inclusive Group.

Sasha Scott runs Inclusive Group and is an expert in diversity, bias, inclusivity and managing psychological health. She understands the commercial drivers behind reducing bias within the workplace and the critical need to promote and sustain inclusive workplace cultures, in order to attract and retain talent.

30 September, 2020 - 10:00 to 10:45
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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - "We know we are making a big difference"

21 Sep 2020 - 12:53 by helen.walker

Restorative Justice is a process of bringing a victim of crime into direct communication with the person who caused the harm, in order to have a place to discuss issues. Greater Manchester Restorative Justice Service (GMRJS) gets referrals from Greater Manchester Police about cases that they believe are suitable. This work takes a little pressure off the police and can help people avoid court if they participate positively, and saves time for other cases.

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Spirit of Manchester Story Week 2020 - "Forming a better connection with the place I live"

21 Sep 2020 - 12:07 by helen.walker

"It gives us a great sense of community and optimism that we can do something instead of being subject to inexorable global heating that we can’t do anything about"

Whalley Range Climate Action Group is a group of people who aim to mitigate the effect of their local community on climate change and decrease the effect that global warming has on Whalley Range.

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