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25 Jul 2016 - 12:04 by barkery.jammeh

Hello all,

It’s Monday 25th July 2016, we hope you all had a great weekend.

It’s the start of the School Summer Holidays and hopefully we get the sunshine to match!

Talking of summer, everyone is in a great mood and this is the time of the year where you can find lots of fun activities, festivals, summer fairs, and carnivals to get involved with.

For most of these events to go ahead they are heavily reliant on volunteers getting involved. If you have a few days off over the summer and have some spare time, there are lots of volunteering opportunities that are...

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5 Jul 2016 - 09:59 by barkery.jammeh

Hello all,

It’s Tuesday 5th July 2016, hope you all had a great weekend.

Today I’d like to let you know about our Spirit of Manchester Awards 2016. We hold the Spirit of Manchester Awards in October every year and it’s our way of highlighting all the excellent work being carried out in Manchester’s voluntary and community sector.

Alongside the Award ceremony we also have the Spirit of Manchester Festival. The festival takes place from 1-10th of October each year and is a city-wide celebration. It’s also an open invitation to the people of Manchester to get involved, and...

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20 Jun 2016 - 14:26 by barkery.jammeh

Hello all,

It’s the middle of June (although the weather wouldn’t suggest that!) and Volunteers week is over for this year.

What a great Volunteers week it was though. As you may know VCM put on two events this year. First up we had the Volunteer Surgery at VCM towers here in Swan Buildings and second was our Volunteer Fayre at Central Library on the 9th of June. Both events were a great success and they have definitely got us fired up for doing something bigger next year.

The “Surgery” was well received and our “Surgeons” were on hand to give advice and share their...

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23 May 2016 - 11:08 by barkery.jammeh

Hello and welcome,

In our post today I’d like to let you know about the Volunteer Fair and Volunteers Surgery that we have pencilled in for Volunteer’s Week.

What is Volunteers Week?

Well, Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place at the start of June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.

This year it takes place from June 1st – 12th and as part of the event, Volunteer Centre Manchester is holding a Volunteer Surgery on Wednesday 8th June (1pm-4pm) at Macc offices...

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10 May 2016 - 13:49 by barkery.jammeh

Hello and thank you for reading today’s Volunteer Centre Manchester blog post. Just to let you know, we will be submitting a lot more posts on a regular basis to keep you up to date with what’s new at Volunteer Centre Manchester, so watch this space!

Okay, back to today’s post. At Volunteer Centre Manchester we like to talk to the volunteers that use our services and the organisations we work with as much as we can, and through our conversations we found that organisations and volunteers had a lot to say but didn’t know where to start when it comes to...

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28 Apr 2016 - 13:02 by michelle.foster

We’ve just published our updated data sets for volunteers and groups for January – March 2016, which can be found here: https://www.manchestercommunitycentral.org/policy-and-influence/open-data.

Open Data Manchester, which was set up as part of FutureEverything’s Open Data Cities project and sought to create a forum for people who were working on or interested in Open Data in the region, held an event in March to showcase the...

19 Apr 2016 - 15:37 by Mike Wild

Do you realise that the result of the EU Referendum will be announced in Manchester? Must admit, that one had passed me by in the midst of a lot of noise which is supposedly the national debate. Campaigning has only just officially started but of course it’s been going on for months if not years already. There’s a lot of media coverage about the political positioning and opinions being hurled back and forth in speeches. There are fairly regular “sector” positions reported in the media too on both sides – particularly the voice of business leaders.

For the local voluntary sector, it’s...

22 Jan 2016 - 15:05 by michelle.foster

Our open data on groups and volunteers has been updated and added to our website: https://www.manchestercommunitycentral.org/policy-and-influence/open-data

I’d be really interested to hear if you’ve ever used our open data and how you’ve used it.

There are lots of open data sources out there where you can discover interesting things about where you live and the people in your neighbourhood, the data is also really helpful to use in funding applications to help demonstrate...

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4 Jan 2016 - 09:38 by Mike Wild

I don’t think any of us is expecting life to get any easier in 2016! There are many so forces acting upon us as a sector at the moment which can make it feel like our agenda is being reduced to a fight for survival – and yet there are opportunities ahead. The difficulty will be in getting ourselves organised as a sector to be able to take them up. We need to increase collaboration and that takes an investment of time, energy and creativity which are rare commodities when you’re working flat out simply to keep the doors open. Here are some thoughts on what lies ahead in 2016…


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18 Dec 2015 - 15:01 by Nigel Rose

This blog is a summary of some of the key trends that Macc’s Policy and Influence team have spotted during the last year that we think will impact on Manchester’s Voluntary Sector over the next year. It is not comprehensive by any means and we apologise for all the really important and vital stuff that we’ve missed out.

We’ve not included the most obvious trend which is that there will be less money, a lot less money, as we haven’t got anything new or different to say about it.

The Resisistable Rise of Community Development

After many years in the political doldrums it...

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